At Rev Cycle Assist, we understand why many healthcare facilities choose to write off complex out-of-state Medicaid claims. Each state has its own set of rules and keeping up with these can be a time-consuming drain on resources.

We are experts in out-of-state Medicaid and claims resolution, government and payer regulations, compliance laws, and coding requirements. Today, there are more MCOs and HMOs than ever. They have their own guidelines for billing and enrollment, and we specialize in these as well.

Leave the hassle to us. We will handle all aspects of out-of-state Medicaid enrollment and billing and A/R follow-up for you so that your teams can concentrate on other objectives and you don’t miss out on the reimbursement you’re due.

Our mission is to ensure healthcare providers and organizations are reimbursed at the rates they deserve.

We believe everyone should be paid fairly for the work they do, and no claim, no matter how complicated, should be written off due to lack of time or resources. That’s why we devote our time and extensive resources to preventing write-offs and protecting the revenue you’ve earned.

To illustrate our commitment to these goals, we’ve adopted a contingent fee pricing model. It’s only fair that we don’t get paid until you do… And we will get you paid!

At Rev Cycle Assist, we are experts in out-of-state Medicaid billing and provider enrollment, and claims management. We can help you collect the revenue you’ve been missing, so you can focus your time and resources on patient care.

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