As a healthcare provider your main focus should be your patients, not managing denials and follow-up on medicaid claims. Rev Cycle Assist is an external resource, with experienced and knowledgeable staff, for pursuing and following up on those difficult and/or denied claims.

Plus, we operate under a contingent fee pricing model.
You don’t pay us until we’ve delivered on our promise to get you paid!

a/r follow-up

Decrease A/R Days &
Increase Your Revenue

  • We follow up on all underpaid, delayed, and denied claims and ensure no account is neglected.
  • We are experts in claims resolution management for all Out-of-State Medicaid.
  • Our expert staff and technology save you the headache of monitoring endless changes to government and payer regulations, compliance laws, and coding requirements.
  • ​Our workflow automation technology streamlines the process, providing you with efficient and timely claims resolution.
  • We specialize in disputing unjust underpayments and denials… Your teams can focus on other objectives while we make sure your out-of-state Medicaid claims are being worked.

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