Billing for out-of-state Medicaid claims is a complicated undertaking that requires enrollment of both the facility and providers in additional states, maintaining credentials, and overseeing the billing process. Many healthcare facilities write off out-of-state Medicaid claims due to the drain on resources.

Rev Cycle Assist is your out-of-state Medicaid performance-based resource for reducing write-offs and taking advantage of this significant source of revenue.

Plus, we operate under a contingent fee pricing model.
You don’t pay us until we’ve delivered!

Rev Cycle Assist Becomes an Extension of your Business Office

external healthcare revenue cycle management resource

Medicaid Provider Enrollment

  • Facility enrollment provided at no additional cost includes:
    • Monitoring of your enrollment status with each state
    • Maintain and update your out-of-state Medicaid providers’ number

Medicaid Billing

  • Early determination and our single point allocation and timely filing allow for more Medicaid conversions, higher remittance and quicker reimbursement with account transparency
  • Bill, follow-up, and track all out-of-state Medicaid accounts; including:
    • Authorizations, prior and retro (inpatient stay, TARs, specialty services)
  • Close all out-of-state Medicaid accounts in less than 180 days
  • Transparent reporting – track all accounts

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